Three of us Fishing – Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

A flash of blue-grey to my left – the female great blue heron, swooping onto the western shore – the same female who back then chose me as the lesser of the evils.

Great blue heron peering beneath the surface.

Great blue heron fishing in the golden light.

I watched her doing herony things from a respectful telephoto distance, not wanting to get too close lest I scare her off, but anxious about the solo fisherman casting into the cove from his perch along the tunnel overpass.

Suddenly, the heron made her move, and strode purposefuly north, until she reached the tunnel.

And the lone fisherman.

Concerned, I paddled cross the channel and struck up my usual fisherman’s conversation with him.

“Catching anything?”


“Good. What’re you using for bait?”


“Great weather for October!”


He settled back into the rhythm of his fishing.

Heron settled in to the rhythm of her fishing, too, watching the baitfish soar out on the end of its tether, occasionally swooping out to pick up the leftovers after he reeled back in.

And I settled in to the rhythm of camera fishing, squeezing off photos here and there in the golden light of end of day.

Thanks for the Weekly Photo Challenge nudge Cheri Lucas Rowlands and WordPress.


(This took place October 7, 2007)

© 2013 Babsje. (

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  1. Forest So Green

    It is so much fun to watch a heron fishing. Love your photos.

  2. Lovely picture and lovely story to go with it!

    • Many thanks for visiting my site, and for the kind words. If you happened to have read my post titled “Pequeno,” the photo of the heron there is the same heron as in the pic with this post.

  3. I really enjoyed this post about the three of you ‘fishing’…and laughed over the ‘spare’ conversation with the fisherman…so much like them, eh?

    The golden light outlining the neck of the heron in the late day light is particularly pretty as well. I admit I am a sucker for Great Blue Heron pictures and am fascinated with their majestic beauty and intent patient nature! Thanks for sharing your work and view.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed this story, and thanks for visiting the herons on my blog, and for your kind words. The backlighting on the heron’s neck was quite a lucky thing to capture, as the herons move so quickly. That hero had developed a keen eye for fishermen willing to share their catch. He was shameless about mooching lunch.

  4. Great pic and I love your conversation with him. 🙂

    • Thanks! That heron seemed to pay close attention to that fisherman whenever he was at the tunnel, looking for – and receiving – handouts.

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