Black and White Photo Challenge : Texture – Great Blue Heron Fishing in Waterfall

Great blue heron fishing in water falling over a dam in the Charles River Watershed.

Great blue heron fishing in water falling over a dam in the Charles River Watershed.


To view the original full-color version, please click here.

Thanks for the Black and White Photo Challenge nudge Sonel and WordPress.

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  1. These Herons are just so gorgeous Babsje. Great take on the challenge and a great shot as well! Thanks so much for taking part and for sharing. 😀 *hugs*

    • You’re welcome, and thanks for the kind words and for letting me participate. I don’t do much that lends itself to b&w, but the ropey texture of the water spilling over the dam seemed to led itself to the topic of “texture.”

      Also, I noticed your great compendium that listed all of the various photo challenges. Next time you update it, maybe you could add Charlotte’s “Feathers on Friday.” I think its a fairly new meme from Prairie Birder. Best, Babjse

      • You’re very welcome hon and I am glad you took part. It really looks great in B&W too and it was a great take on the challenge indeed. 😀

        Oh yes, there are quite a lot of interesting challenges and thanks for the lovely link. I googled it quickly and found it. Great challenge for Friday’s too and I wil add it definitely. Much appreciated hon. 😀 *hugs*

      • PS: I must just find out from her if it’s a daily or weekly challenge. I only post the weekly or monthly challenges. 😀

        • Good idea. Its weekly, just on Fridays.

          • So it’s like a daily prompt then. A pity … as I only post the Weekly and Monthly challenges. I once had the daily ones up but bloggers started getting confused with the daily and weekly challenges. I would sometimes do the daily challenges when I can find a quick photo but the weekly challenges keeps me quite busy. 😀

            • Sorry if I made this confusing. She sends out the reminder in a post on Fridays, but a person can submit one any time. There aren’t any rigorous rules. Charlotte is a very young birder/blogger – quite accomplished, and not rigid about things. Hope this helps. Thanks.

              • Now you can see what I mean about getting confused about challenges, especially when they have a day of the week in the name as well. Bloggers naturally assume that the challenge is for that that day only, like Macro Monday, Wordless Wednesday, etc. I am not worried about the rules as most challenges work the same. It’s just that some of them are daily, others are weekly – from Monday to Monday, etc. and then there are the Monthly ones. I guess being who I am and because I am organized makes it sound as if I am rigid about things but I do like to make things clear so there can’t be any misunderstandings. As I said, I don’t post the dialy challenges because it does confuse the bloggers that likes to take part in the challenges and most of the daily challenges are also not on wordpress. I did comment on Charlotte’s post and asked her if it’s a daily or weekly challenge to make sure but it’s fine. No problem. Thanks.

                • Actually, I love how organized you are, and how that helps us all!! I’m very new to the challenges, and was really confused until I found your wonderful post listing them all, so many thanks for that!! I’m also one who generally ignores the specific days or weekly deadlines if an appropriate image manifests belatedly, and sometimes I submit late due to real world commitments BUT I do try. All that being said, the monthly challenges aren’t on my radar. I guess I should check up on those, thanks for the nudge.

                  • LOL! Glad to hear that. Sometimes I am too organized for my own good. I am no perfectionist but I do believe if you want to do something, do it right or leave it. I am someone that can get confused very easily and I would rather ask 10 questions to make sure I get something right or before there are any misunderstandings, so sometimes I do irritate some folks. 😀 But that is who I am and if they don’t like it, tough luck for them then. hehehehe.

                    Same here. Lately it’s been cold here and then my muscles ache a bit and I can’t sit for too long in front of the pc and because I get bored I sometimes want to do ‘something else’ with my photo’s, like the Out of bounds I did for Cee’s challenge and that takes a while, so yes… that also does prevent me from taking part in other challenges and just like you I want the right images and that can take a while too.

                    The only monthly challenge we have so far is by Marianne and this month it’s Ancients and Modern. I am still thinking what I should post there too. I think some of my brain cells are a bit frozen still..hahaha

                    You are welcome. Thanks for the chat. 😀 *hugs*

                    • Hi Sonel, Yes, good talking with you, and thanks for sharing all of your insights, plus hosting challenges. We’re all learning as we go along, and its great fun.

                    • Same here Babsje and you are very welcome and as long as we are having fun, it’s all fine by me. 😀 Have a great weekend. *hugs*

                    • Thanks, have a great weekend, yourself. I’m putting in at the lake in just a minute, camera in hand. Good fun! Best, Babsje

                    • Thanks, I will. Oh, that sounds like lots of fun. Enjoy hon! *hugs*

  2. Dear Babsje both colors are wonderful but the B&W is so classy * clap

    You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there.
    Edwin Louis Cole

    • Thanks! That quote brought me goosebumps, how very true it is. Glad you liked the photos, its one that pre-dates my dslr. Pure old-fashioned film.

  3. Wow that’s great – what a terrific moment in time.

    • Thanks for your kind compliment! It was a great day, watching that heron fish. This was before I had a dslr, do it was done with “old-fashioned” film.

  4. Wow!!! What a great photo! I love it 🙂

  5. Great shot with the heron! Wow!

    • Thanks, glad you liked it. Sometimes the heron stands on the top of the waterfall, the waters rushing over his toes as he tries to snag a fish tumbling over. I’ve never seen him actually catch a fish that way, though.

  6. Fantastic image! Love the texture of the water and the composition with the GBH. Nice!

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