Birds Just Wanna Have Fu-un, Oh Birds Just Wanna Have Fun – Travel Theme: Play

  © Babsje ( Egret pondering paddle boat. How many egrets will this boat hold?

Egret pondering paddle boat. How many birds will this boat hold, anyway?

Ailsa’s requested topic for this week is ‘play.’

Whatever Ailsa wants, Ailsa gets. But be sure to file this post under pure, unadulterated silliness.

How many birds will this boat hold, anyway? I promised the whole gang a paddle boat excursion today.

Let’s see, there’s one of me, plus eight herons… Maybe we need two paddleboats!

Well, if that won’t work, we can always soak up some rays on the beach, and hey, look, the lifeguards are still on duty!

  © Babsje (  Egret just wants to have fun.

Egret just wants to have fun.

Guys, believe me, this is going to be a great afternoon.

Why look, there are picnic tables over there! Wanna see if they have any goodies for us?

What do you mean birds shouldn’t mooch people food?

The pigeons and seagulls do it all the time. Why not egrets and herons?

Guys? Guys?

Well, that’s the last time I agree to coordinate a meetup for you guys.

Thanks for the Play theme nudge Ailsa and WordPress.

© 2013 Babsje. (

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  1. LOL….that bird is really close to people, I have never seen them that close to people….usually they move away.

    • Yes, they are usually wary of humans. In this case, at the beach shown, there are often dozens of seagulls wheeling about above the water and picnic area, and this egret joind in their bird play for a while. By two days later, it was miles south of there, fishing solo along the shore. Thanks for commenting here!

  2. That egret certainly isn’t shy. 🙂

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