Twelve Minutes of Twilight – Wordless Wednesday, Wild Bird Wednesday, and Cee’s Color Purple

The first wave of incoming ducks approaches the great blue heron.

For twelve minutes they arrived non-stop…

Even more incoming ducks approaching the great blue heron as twilight deepens.

…in wave after wave as twilight deepened.


Thanks to Cee Neuner and WordPress for the Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: White and Purple nudge. (Yes, those flowers in the background really are purple!)

And thanks also to Stewart Moncton for the Wild Bird Wednesday prompt.

Lastly, thanks to Wordless Wednesday for the Wordless Wednesday prompt.


(This took place September 1, 2007)

© 2013 Babsje. (

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  1. How marvellously thrilling to see these beautiful birds, Babsje. 🙂

    • Thanks so much. It was truly thrilling for me that evening. They came in wave after wave after wave after wave. I took more than 75 photos, until the light was too dim in the cove.

  2. Wonderful…. I saw the title to your blog and thought you would be interested in the fact that hubby and I were able to capture a great blue heron that was stuck in discarded fishing line. The heron was taken to rehab and released…. What an experience…those eyes… That bill… Michelle

    • Thanks so much for telling me about your rescuing a great blue heron, you’re a hero! And you’re right about “those eyes” – I find them deep and mesmerizing. Your successful rescue brings goosebumps. Well-done. Thanks for visiting and commenting here.

  3. Quelle beauté dans ces vagues de fin du jour, une vibration de bleu et de violet dans la nuit qui s’approfondit. La splendeur d’un battement d’ailes comme une dernière bénédiction.

    • Merci! Je suis heureux de votre commentaire et je suis heureux que vous appréciez ces photos. Votre commentaire lui-même est comme un poème quand vous écrivez.

  4. Beautiful shots, I love the GB Herons!

  5. Great captures! I love herons.

  6. Beautiful shots!!! Thanks for participating, I appreciate it!

  7. That must have been breath-taking! How wonderful you had your camera.

    • Thanks, yes it was truly amazing – breathtaking is an apt description. There were dozens and dozens and dozens incoming and outgoing, and they were all gone by the next evening. It must have been the magic moment when migration started for them that year.

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