To Love Is – Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines, Wordless Wednesday, Wild Bird Wednesday, Sue’s Word A Week: Mistake,  and Cee’s Black and White

To love is not to look at one another: it is to look, together, in the same direction.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Wind, Sand, and Stars

Accidental double exposure of a great blue heron fishing in the waterfall.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Accidental double exposure of a great blue heron fishing in the waterfall - B&W version.

B&W version.


Thanks to Cheri Lucas Rowlands and WordPress for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines and Patterns nudge. (I like the lines and patterns of the ripples of falling water.)

Thanks to Cee Neuner and WordPress for the Black and White Photo Challenge: Animals nudge. (Which do you prefer, the full color or the B&W version?)

And also to Sue Llewellyn for the Word A Week: Mistake challenge. (Did you find the “mistake” in this photo? It’s from the days of real film, and the film failed to advance, and this double-exposure resulted.)

And thanks also to Stewart Moncton for the Wild Bird Wednesday prompt.

Lastly, thanks to Wordless Wednesday for the Wordless Wednesday prompt.


(This took place July 31, 2005)

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  1. I prefer the color version. It creates a mystery about the birds. This was a good mistake.

  2. Beautiful!! Isn’t it fun when you can enter one post for a couple of challenges!!

  3. Great picture! I love those lines, too, and the incongruous image of a bird standing so close.

  4. BTW: I think none of the birds are real…But may be I am wrong!

    • I hate to say you’re wrong (especially after your kind comments here today), but all of the birds are real. Unless everyone who sees them is seeing the same dream birds I’m experiencing with my camera?

      • Oh sorry! I thought in this image you were playing with one image of birds (that I know they are real, of course) and one image of wáter, because they look so transparent! I think I was not able to express myself in a correct way…I am sorry!…

        • I’m sorry – I misunderstood, entirely my fault! You’re right – the wings of the egret, their feathers are so thin that you can almost see right through them – their wings are so transparent you can see their bones right through the feathers. I was so surprised when I realized that, myself. Thanks again for your comments here, I’m glad you wrote!

        • And you’re right again – I had the egret photo mixed up in my mind with the heron in front of the waterfall. The herons look like ghost birds, don’t they? They way the double-exposure of the film makes them underexposed and shrouded by the water-mist?

  5. These are INCREDIBLE!

  6. Magnifique, ce bleu ! Comme l’entrée progressive, inéluctable, dans la magie d’une muraille de lumière, si frémissante de pluie subtile.

  7. Oooooh I love this photograph. The first colour shot is better, I think, as it is only the water that becomes highlighted in blue leaving the herons still encased in a sombre mystery below. Love it! So eerie!

    • Thanks so much! The one you like, the full color one, is exactly how the photo came out of the camera. It almost looks monochromatic except for the slight blue sheen of the falling water. I agree with you that it has something of an eerie mood about it. Thanks for visiting and commenting here.

  8. brilliant shot, am sure you’ve gone quite far with bird photography, waiting for your contribution to this week challenge in Sunday Stills 🙂
    well done

    • Thanks! This shot was totally an accident, the film didn’t advance and so the heron at waterfall was a double-exposure, but I was pleased with it, myself. I noticed very katevyesterday that the Sunday Stills topic for this week is birds, and got excited by that. Still trying to decide which photo to post! Thanks for your kind comment!

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