For the Love of Flight

Great blue heron lifting off.

Great blue heron lifting off.


Thanks to Wordless Wednesday for the Wordless Wednesday challenge.

Thanks also to Stewart Moncton for the Wild Bird Wednesday prompt.

And thanks also to Michelle for the Weekly Pet Challenge Roundup nudge.


(This took place June 27, 2007)

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  1. Blue Heron “Grand jeté”….in my days BK (before kids that are grown now-lol) I taught modern dance and I would say that is a perfect “Grand Jete” but Heron style:-) great shot!

  2. Such a great shot, showing off the grace and beauty of these lovely birds.

  3. What a shot! Just gorgeous!

  4. This is such a fabulous shot babsje! wow!

  5. Great shot I love how you have caught the spray of water being flicked up at take-off

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