I Have a Heron Monkey on My Back

Your lights are on, but you’re not home 
Your mind is not your own…

Robert Palmer
Addicted to Love

Great blue heron with broken leg soaring up high.

Great blue heron with broken leg soaring up high.

…Might as well face it,
I’m addicted to…

Today, WordPress asked whether there’s something we can’t get enough of.

For me, that would be Great Blue Herons. With nearly a decade spent observing them, and more than 100,000 photos of them under my belt, could one say I’m addicted? Perhaps I do have a “monkey on my back,” but all for a good cause.

I’m passionate about them, and am hopeful to see their continued population growth in the watershed here, and to ensure the health and protection of their habitat.

The sidebar on this blog lists important resources for protecting herons and other birds. If you’re interested or a birder or nature photographer, please spend a couple of moments to learn more.

Remember: Walk softly and carry a long lens.



Thanks to Michelle W. for the Daily Prompt: Can’t Get Enough.


(This took place September 2010)

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  1. “Remember: Walk softly and carry a long lens.”
    LOVE it!

  2. That is an incredible photo of a very beautiful creature. Well done.

  3. That is a particularly excellent image today! Is that your “friend” with the previously broken leg?


    • Thanks, I’m glad you liked this one, and yes, it’s the same great blue heron with the broken leg. The photo from today’s post is one year before the photos in yesterday’s post, the one with the heron sitting on the large boulders. And it’s one year after the photos in the first post where I mentioned the broken leg. So, those three posts span 3 years of the heron getting along admirably with that healed leg. Wonderful.

  4. Ive been watching Herbie (grand daughter named the local Great Blue) for about 5 years. Before that It was bald eagles, many great moments and many blessed times. Seen things that they say doesn’t happen. Enjoyed your sight. The blind birder.

    • Thanks so much for your kind comment. It’s wonderful that you can share great blue herons with a grandchild – that’s something she will remember forever as part of your legacy!

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