To Infinity and Beyond

In coldest darkest November, some people go ice fishing.

Me? I go star fishing.

November 2002

Meteor from Leonid Meteor shower.

Meteor from Leonid Meteor shower.

The topic for this week’s photo challenge on WordPress is infinity.

Watching meteor showers and photographing comets both put me in touch with the infinite in a way that nothing else can.

There’s something primal about laying back on a grassy hillside watching the summer Perseid meteor shower put on a show overhead.

Standing on that same hillside before dawn on a frigid November morning photographing the Leonids, cold of body yet warm of being, has the same effect.

The photo here is one of many meteor and comet photos I’ve taken over the years.


Thanks to readers here for indulging me in this non-heron post!

I’m sure the herons don’t mind, either.


Thanks to Petrel41 at Dear Kitty for pointing out the December 13, 2013, Geminids Meteor Shower. Don’t miss it!

Thanks to Ben Huberman and WordPress for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinity prompt.

Thanks to the kind folks at Skywatch Friday.

Thanks also to Ailsa and WordPress for the Travel Theme: Height challenge. (Not much is higher up than the source of a meteor shower.)


(This photo was taken November, 2002)

© 2013 Babsje. (

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  1. Super great capture …. perfect for the challenge.

  2. oh my gosh..I did see that “Perseid meteor shower” one year and my neck was cramped for weeks since it was SO beautiful…it was at my parents place that you can see the dark sky, but in the city we have too many lights…..

    • I can definitely empathize with your aching neck, and I know what you mean about light pollution. Its bad here in the town where I live, too. Thanksas always for commenting.

  3. Reminds me that we are a very small part of something so vast.

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