Winningest Photos – No Hanging Chads (Spoiler Alert)

And the winner is…

We have a tie.

Last week, readers voted for their favorite photos posted in 2013. There were 55 votes, a great turnout. Thank you to everyone who participated!

[Spoiler alert: Today’s post reveals the winners. If you haven’t yet voted, it’s not too late, so please click here. As they say, vote early, vote often.]

First place winners (a tie):

© Babsje (

Dragonfly teasing great blue heron.

© Babsje (

Great blue heron eye-to-eye with dragonfly.

Second place winner:

© Babsje (

Great blue heron fishing using a twig to attract the fish – sequence.

Third place winners (another tie):

© Babsje (

Great blue heron fledglings practice flying.

© Babsje (

Egret flying above subtle, shimmery reflection almost like a puddle of moonlight.

Fourth place winners (a five-way tie):

© Babsje (

Great blue heron lands a large fish – detail.

© Babsje (

Egret channeling Isadora Duncan.

© Babsje (

Great blue heron in molt preening.

© Babsje (

Great blue heron showing off a gorgeous wing.

© Babsje (

Great blue heron photobombed by a duck.

Fourth place winners (another five-way tie):

© Babsje (

Squirrel swimming with a duck a few days after the hurricane.

© Babsje (

Great blue heron holding a huge plastic bag she pulled from the muck along the shore.

© Babsje (

Egret submerges her head to land a fish.

© Babsje (

Great blue heron reacts with erect cap feathers when dive-bombed by a hawk.

© Babsje (

Egret flying directly at the viewer.

Here are the rest of the photos ordered by reader votes.

© Babsje (

Green heron channeling Don King, alarmed by nearby fox, with raised cap feathers.

© Babsje (

Egret Channeling John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever

© Babsje (

Great blue heron diving beneath the surface.

© Babsje (

Great blue heron carries prize feather like a dog carries a favorite bone.

© Babsje (

Great blue heron molting.

Here a the survey results in all of the colors Michelle requested:

Survey results in all the colors of the rainbow.

Survey results in all the colors of the rainbow.


Thanks to Michelle W and WordPress for the Daily Prompt: Roy G. Biv colors challenge.

Thanks to Alex Wild for the Show us your best science nature photos prompt.

Thanks to Ailsa for her Where’s My Backpack: Birds challenge.

Thanks once again to Stewart Monckton for the Wild Bird Wednesday prompt.

Thanks to the kind folks at SkyWatch Friday.


Remember: Walk softly and carry a long lens.™

© 2013 Babsje. (

Great Blue Heron, Egret, Dragonfly, Squirrel

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  1. A fun contest. Love your title of this post. Hanging chads? 🙂

    • Thanks Bob, glad you liked it. Yup, “hanging chads,” a reference to a certain exciting past US presidential election. Say, I hope you and your birds haven’t been too affected by the bitter cold. Same for everyone across the country. Take care and stay warm, and put out extra birdseed in your feeders. The IRS need all the calories they can get the next few days.

  2. Hi Babsje Well I missed th copetation but the shots looks great. Certainly would have voted for 1 and 2 shot.

  3. A great serie of photos!

  4. Many great shots there. It would have been hard to choose a favorite.

  5. Awesome birds and photos! Well done! Have a happy week!

  6. okay my bad…. I missed the post. I did click on the voting link, but guess what …..I can’t pick! I LOVED them all-…so add one to all of them-tee hee;-)

  7. Can’t remember which ones I voted for, but it looks like the outcomes were great! All the photos were winners in my opinion.

  8. such an amazing series; I loved the heron with the huge fish but the first ones with the dragonfly was such a one-off surely; well captured.

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