My Second Snowy Owl, Oh Joy! (Subtitled Mindfulness and a Photographer)

And my second-ever snowy owl viewing? Yup, once again, there I was without my Canon. We won’t discuss the quality of the photos I got with my mobile (there definitely is a large white-faced blob on the high wires, really, trust me on that).

For marvellous snowy owl news out of Boston, read this: “100th Snowy Owl caught at Logan Airport freed into wild.” I love happy endings. Here’s the link:

Best, Babsje

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  1. Oh I would love to see one!!!

  2. It must be wonderful to just see them, but you really must start carrying your camera everywhere!

    • Thanks for the kind nudge, Gunta! Thing is, the camera is heavy, and on the two occasions wheni encountered the snowy owls, I was on grocery store runs. Guess the snowy owls were looking for food then, too!

  3. Hi B always carry your camera! That way you and us will never miss anything.

    • Hi Margaret, thanks, you’re right, good advice. Thing is, the camera is pretty heavy and o I not take t with me on routine shopping trips, but maybe I should rethink that!

  4. laurie27wsmith

    Snowy owls? The Herons aren’t going to be happy.

  5. A wonderful omen, lucky lady?

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