The Value of Kindness

The gear had been pounded with tons of water for almost an hour.” 

Earlier this month, photographer Michael Flaherty nearly went over a waterfall to rescue his camera gear.

What happened next was a remarkable act of generosity:  “This was her only DSLR, she didn’t know me very well, and she made the sacrifice.  That’s real kindness.”

Michael is a photographer of sensitive talent, and I especially appreciate his evocative shots from the Columbia River Gorge. I’m not a prolific re-blogger – you can count on one hand the posts I’ve reblogged – but wanted to share this heartwarming story. 

MJF Images

The first image made after the act of kindness, sunset along the Columbia near home. The first image made after the act of kindness, sunset along the Columbia near home.

Believe it or not this is a photography-related post.  I was recently surprised with a loaner camera!  A person I met through my photography club, someone who went to the same college as I but who I don’t know well at all, saw my situation and took pity on me.  She loaned me her Canon 60D because (she said) it wasn’t really being used.

Now I know plenty of other photographers who have cameras much better than that as backups (they shoot with top of the line cameras).  And I have spent time shooting with these people.  None of them were coming forward after learning of my recent misfortune, losing my camera gear over the waterfall.  This is despite the fact that it would not have disrupted their photography.  This was her only DSLR, she didn’t…

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