As The Day Draws Near

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Nesting mute swan joined by her mate on her nest as the day draws near.


Thanks to Ben Huberman and WordPress for their Weekly Photo Challenge: Room. It is surprising that the swan’s nest has room for both the pen (female) and her cob (male).

Thanks to Ailsa for her Weekly Travel Theme: Unexpected. Seeing the pair of mated swans in the nest together was quite unexpected. I have never observed this behavior before.

Thanks to Sue for her A Word A Week Challenge: Happy. I was elated to come across this scene of domestic swan-bliss

Congrats to Stewart Monckton for his 100th Wild Bird Wednesday, and thanks again for hosting the Wild Bird Wednesday challenge.

Thanks to Wordless Wednesday for the Wordless Wednesday challenge.


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Mute Swan, Kayaking

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  1. I’ve never seen both swan on a nest before either, the male is usually on patrol near the nest, keeping an eye out for possible predators.

    • Yes, that has been my experience in the past as well – the male swan is usually on patrol, not necessarily very close to the nest, but close enough to fend off interlopers. Glad you like this one.

  2. Always lovely finding a Swan nesting because you know that soon there will be babies to see and photograph.

    • Hi Margaret, glad you like this photo, and you’re right, it means that soon they will have cygnets. A different pair of swans on the lake have already been out and about with their babies, photos later this week.

  3. I have to echo your comment to me about what sheer joy and wonder it is to be able to see these intimate scenes in nature.

    • Thanks for your kind comment, Gunta, you’re right, they are definitely “intimate” moments that we’re fortunate to watch and photograph.

  4. Lovely pic. I didn’t know it was unusual for them to sit in the nest together. Not far from where I work there was a pair of black swans nesting a couple of years ago. They raised 3 cygnets. It caused a lot of excitement because although they are native to the Sydney region they have been crowded out by urbanisation. Do a web search on Sydney Park swans if you’d like to know more about them, there are lots of beautiful pics of them around, they were semi-adopted by a whole community.

    • I’m so glad you like this one and many thanks for your thoughtful comment about the black swans in Sydney. I have only ever seen a black swan once, and it was so strikingly beautiful! I like the idea of your pair being embraced by the community there. Urbanization/habitat destruction is a concern here, as well. The wildlife here shares the waters with many forms of boats – canoes, kayaks, bass fishing boats, rowboats, motorboats and even paddleboards. Human encroachment is a real threat in my opinion. The recreational boaters don’t necessarily think about that.

      • They are lovely birds. The problem here is less to do with boating and more to do with the fact there is so little habitat remaining – coastal building and reclaiming of wetlands. Early settlers describe the skies being black with swans, but now the city’s taken over it’s rare to find even two.

  5. Great seeing this beautiful swan pair on their nest!

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