Waiting in the Wings

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Mute swan cygnets nestled between mother’s wings.
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A selection of my heron and flower photos is now available at the Five Crows Gallery in Natick, MA. Drop in and see the work of the many wonderfully creative artists who show there when you’re in the area.

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Remember: Walk softly and carry a long lens.™

The Tao of Feathers™

© 2014 Babsje. (https://babsjeheron.wordpress.com)

Cygnets, Mute Swan, Kayaking

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  1. Love love love love love this.

  2. That is such a heartwarming and tender scene. Wonderfully captured!

  3. I find it interesting every time I see cygnets riding on their mother that they look so aware of the world around them.

  4. Great shot! That’s so adorable.

  5. What a sweet photo! Those little ones must feel so warm and safe and wonderfully cared for. Thanks for this image.

  6. adorable, I agree with above! We saw a bheron in a tree up high today , and one small young one near the water edge. Found out they have a new place in the next town up the MIssissippi River. Good to know they are not ALLgone:-) I’ll keep you posted We can’t ride on the MIssissippi River for another week due to flooding, so been in the back water areas riding on a bike path which has a lot of turtles crossing our path, we jump off our bikes to help them cross:-) Don’t want people running them over!

    • Robbie, I’m thrilled for you that you have at last seen some great blue herons there, wonderful. It is so kind of you to give the turtles an assist across the path, that brings a smile. Thanks for your kind comment, glad you like the cygnets.

  7. Beautiful. I’ve always been amazed at that type of behaviour and hope to see it sometime. Wonderful shot..

    • Many thanks for your kind comment, Lyle. This year was a first for me in seeing the mother ferry the cygnets about, despite watching swans off and on for 15 years around here. Maybe you’ll find them next breeding season!

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