Same Heron Different Day

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Great Blue Heron stretches – same heron, different day as yesterday’s post.


Thanks to Krista and WordPress for their Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’. Much as I love watching wildlife from a kayak floating on the water, this Great Blue Heron seems to love that specific log. Yes, it’s the same heron on the same half-sunken log in the same cove as yesterday’s post. And close readers of this blog may also remember last year’s posts of the same bird in the same spot. I love the constancy of witnessing this heron over time.

Thanks once again to Stewart Monckton for hosting the Wild Bird Wednesday challenge.

Thanks to Wordless Wednesday for the Wordless Wednesday challenge.

A selection of my heron and flower photos is now available at the Five Crows Gallery in Natick, MA. Drop in and see the work of the many wonderfully creative artists who show there when you’re in the area.

Five Crows is on FaceBook. To give the gallery a visit, please click here.

Remember: Walk softly and carry a long lens.™

The Tao of Feathers™

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Great Blue Heron, Kayaking

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  1. It isn’t unusual to see the same bird in the same spot day after day, critters like to have a home just like we do.

    • Yes, I agree. The herons are territorial and also have their daily routines. Sometimes they seem like those “mall walkers,” who roam shopping malls early in the morning before the stores open – they seem to ply the shoreline, moving in the same direction each day.

  2. It is wonderful that you know these individual Heron so well

  3. Aren’t herons wonderful? They’re a beautiful combination of awkwardness and grace.
    Please share your photos at the new home for Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday). I hope to see you each week!

  4. Lovely shot:-)I have been back on the Mississippi River riding and only noitced one/two herons! I noticed a dozen vultures, sea gulls, and ducks, but only one or two in the past few weeks. I heard they moved up to the back waters…hmm.. We do have pelicans ( large groups of them) here now, but I was wondering would they be a problem?

    • Hi Robbie – Glad to hear that you’ve been back on the Mississippi looking for herons. My guess is that their numbers seem to be reduced is due to a few factors – the eagles moving in, the polar vortex from last winter, and the backwaters you mention being a bit more secluded, but this is all just speculation. I don’t think that the pelicans would necessarily be a problem, in places like Florida they peaceably coexist with the great blues. Have you tried looking at your area using a satellite view? I’ve been able to locate nests in my area that way. Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

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