Beautiful Great Blue Heron Gets the Point (Memory Lane Nbr 1)

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Solar Twinkle Spots and My Kayak – babsjeheron

Life spreads itself across
the ceiling to make you think
you are penned in, but that
is just another gift. Life takes
what you thought you couldn’t live
without and gives you a heron instead.

On the Meaning of (excerpt)
Linda Back McKay

The Next Best Thing: Poems

My goal that December was to spend New Year’s Eve out on the lake in my kayak. Mother Nature had other ideas, and the lake was frozen over on December 31st. This was the last kayak photo that year. The sparkling spots were from sunlight glinting on the slushy ice.
Changing the subject for a moment, I am recovering from some foot and eye injuries that mean I won’t be in my kayak any time soon. I long to be out with my Heron friends and that poem is a source of optimism. Please humor me as I’ve combined three photo challenges here. Reading and writing are a challenge these days.
Changing the subject once again, fall migration can be very exciting in the cove, and no two years are alike. The scene below shows my favorite spot on the water, as my favorite Great Blue Heron was literally overrun by ducks who had been practicing their take offs and landings ahead of migrating. By the following evening, they were all gone, off to their winter grounds.

The first wave of incoming ducks approaches the great blue heron.

For twelve minutes the ducks arrived non-stop…


Even more incoming ducks approaching the great blue heron as twilight deepens.

…in wave after wave overtaking the Heron as purple twilight deepened – babsjeheron.


And just for the lighter side, I saved the best for last:

Great blue heron in molt preening.

Great blue heron in molt preening – babsjeheron.
(Here’s the carrot…but where’s the stick?)

i took many photos of the above Great Blue Heron preening, and his bill poked through on only one single frame. It was a blink and you would have missed it moment. In fact, I did miss it entirely there in the cove real-time. Only did I see it when flipping through the downloaded photos. I like those sorts of surprises!

Thanks to Cee for her CMMC Color Purple. The twilight sky bathed the ducks and heron in an ever-deepening purplish hue, and the color of the kayak takes on a purple tone in some conditions.

Debbie’s One Word Sunday’s prompt asks for posts with a Point . Do you like the humorous carrot-like point of the heron’s bill as it penetrates his wing feathers while preening? The kayak bow is also a pointy thing.


The inspiring Lens Artists – Patti, Tina, Amy, and Leya – focus on Spots and Dots this week, with some very unique photos on their sites. Check them out:

From Patti Lens Artists Weekly Photo Challenge 148: Spots and Dots .
From Tina Lens Artists Weekly Photo Challenge 148: Spots and Dots .
From Amy Lens Artists Weekly Photo Challenge 148: Spots and Dots .
From Leya Lens Artists Weekly Photo Challenge 148: Spots and Dots .


From December 4 through January 28, 2020, my Great Blue Heron photographs were once again on display on the walls of the lobby and theater in a free one-woman show at the Summer Street Gallery, of The Center for Arts in Natick.

Many of the photos in the exhibit were shown for the first time, and do not appear on the blog. As always, many of the photos were taken on the waterways of the Charles River watershed.

Thanks to Erica V and WordPress for the recent WPC: Place in the World. My favorite place is where the Herons are, of course it is. And the Herons? Their place is near the water, but also on the gallery walls and my blog. How else can I share them with you?

Thanks also to Ben H and WordPress for their WPC Challenge: Liquid. The Herons are drawn to water, as am I.

During September and October, 2018, the Great Blue Herons were featured on the walls of the Natick Town Hall, located at 13 East Central Street in Natick, MA.

Remember: Walk softly and carry a long lens.™

The Tao of Feathers™

© 2003-2021 Babsje. (

Great Blue Heron, TCAN, Five Crows, Natick

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  1. Terrific examples Babsje – absolutely love the sparkle on the water and the heron’s beak through the feathers is fabulous! Great catch.

  2. Beautiful, Babsje! And I too love that kind of surprises…excellent capture!

  3. Lovely images, Babsje. That header image with the sun stars is marvelous!

  4. Babsje, sometimes we sit down to memories like a meal. I’m glad you have so many beautiful ones to accompany your process of recovery.

  5. Ha! ‘Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.’ Great shots.

  6. In hopes you heal up quickly from injuries!! Eye ones are tough when you want to look through a viewfinder or edit your photos on a computer screen. Be well!!

    I love all three images, the sparkly glints are dazzling and the beak poking through the feathers very humorous!!

    I’ve been away from shooting for awhile but returned to one of my rookeries a couple of weeks ago. Seems wood storks have driven the great blues away at the locale….maybe I need to visit earlier next year….but at least it is open!!

    • Hi Judy. Wonderful to hear from you, thanks for stopping by. Glad to hear that you’ve been able to get out with your camera, sorry the Great Blues weren’t there even though your Wood Stork captures in the past have been stunning, too. Glad you liked the images. Yeah, my eyes. I suddenly lost all vision in one eye late last summer and retina surgery made a big difference and they are trying to save the sight. It involves monthly shots into my eye. Owie. And another surgery. It was my dominant eye for camera work. I will need to learn to use the other eye with the viewfinder and maybe autofocus will become my new best friend forever. 😊 Looking forward to seeing what your camera cooks up soon. Best, Babsje

  7. Very beautiful. The first image is stunning. 🙂

  8. I can just hear your Heron friend saying “GREAT…..there goes the neighbourhood”!
    Your memories will help you get through this dark period Babsje.

    • Hi Wayne. Perfect retort about the ducks invading the neighborhood! And your right about the way memories can sustain us. Thanks for your encouragement! Best, Babsje

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