Beautiful Great Blue Heron and Shadows

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Great blue heron on the rocks – babsjeheron

“I was crying because I can’t get my shadow to stick on.”
“It has come off?”
Then Wendy saw the shadow on the floor, looking so draggled, and she was frightfully sorry for Peter. “How awful!” she said, but she could not help smiling when she saw that he had been trying to stick it on with soap.

Peter Pan and Wendy
Chapter 3
J.M. Barrie
Peter Pan


Drifting slowly towards the mouth of the creek, I saw a heron feather, a grey-blue blur bobbing against the green waters along the north shore.

Wedging the nose of the kayak into the mud under the old oaks, I scooped up the feather with my paddle blade. I had just bent forward to secure it under the deck bungee when a large shadow passed overhead.

A burst of feathers exploded onto the shore a couple of yards to my east. A great blue heron, so close. He obviously hadn’t seen the kayak under the tree canopy on his landing approach.

As I fumbled to get the camera out of the dry sack, another larger shadow cruised over my head, and a second heron swooped in about eight feet from the first.

Two herons, so close. So close!

Over the years, shadows have played a pivotal role in many of my experiences on the water. Such as the time a Bald Eagle shadow startled me as it unexpectedly passed over the kayak from stern to bow or the time a Great Blue Heron shadow was the only forewarning of the bird about to land just four feet off my starboard side and crash the conference call in progress. (Yes, a conference call from a kayak in the cove.) Please click here to see the time a Great Blue Heron decided I was “the lesser of evils.”


If the Great Blue Heron sees his shadow
Does it mean six more weeks of winter??

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Shadow of A Great Blue Heron – babsjeheron

Thanks to Cee for her CFFC: Nature Animals.
Thanks to Paula for her Thursdays Special: Pick a Word in May.
This week’s Lens Artist challenge from the always inspiring and creative artists Patti, Tina, Amy, and Leya, focuses on Shade and Shadows. Check out the Lens Artists’ Shade and Shadows photos here:

From Patti Lens Artists Weekly Photo Challenge 152: Shade and Shadows .
From Tina Lens Artists Weekly Photo Challenge 152: Shade and Shadows .

From Amy Lens Artists Weekly Photo Challenge 152: Shade and Shadows .

From Leya Lens Artists Weekly Photo Challenge 152: Shade and Shadows .

Folks, now that some areas are opening back up, please consider supporting your local Arts communities – whether music, theater, crafts, visual arts venues, and others. All have been impacted over the past year and they need your love.

My brick & mortar presence in Massachusetts dates back to 2009 in several local venues/galleries.

2015 (May), 2016 (March and July), 2018 (May, June, July), 2019 (December), 2020 (January) several one-woman photography shows at TCAN – The Center for Arts Natick
2018 (September, October) one-woman photography show at Natick Town Hall
2013 thru now 2021 Five Crows Gallery in Natick
2009 one-woman photography show at a local Audubon Sanctuary

From December 4 through January 28, 2020, my Great Blue Heron photographs were once again on display on the walls of the lobby and theater in a free one-woman show at the Summer Street Gallery, of The Center for Arts in Natick.

Many of the photos in the exhibit were shown for the first time, and do not appear on the blog. As always, many of the photos were taken on the waterways of the Charles River watershed.

Thanks to Erica V and WordPress for the recent WPC: Place in the World. My favorite place is where the Herons are, of course it is. And the Herons? Their place is near the water, but also on the gallery walls and my blog. How else can I share them with you?

Thanks also to Ben H and WordPress for their WPC Challenge: Liquid. The Herons are drawn to water, as am I.

Remember: Walk softly and carry a long lens.™

The Tao of Feathers™

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Great Blue Heron, TCAN, Five Crows, Natick

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  1. Dear Babsje,
    we find that an interesting idea to photograph the shadows of the heron.
    Wishing you an easy weekend
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I’m pleased that you like the Heron shadow photograph. Thanks for telling me that. I was surprised at capturing the neck and wing tips so clearly. My best to you Fab Four of Cley. Best, Babsje

  2. A mighty shadow it is – a mighty bird.

  3. Nah, I think it means an early spring!! It must!! 🙂 That is a splendid picture of the heron on the rocks and against that background pattern of fence shadows.

  4. I so adore the shadow photo. And of course the GBH photo is spectacular 😀

  5. I’m new here; I saw your comments on Judy’s blog. I had my cataracts removed about three years ago — maybe four, now — and one of the great changes that resulted was restoration of color vision. I also had new lenses implanted, although mine are different from Judy’s. I have one for distance and one for near vision. It’s amazing how the brain sorts it all out, but it does. After all these years, I still have the excellent vision I had right after surgery, and no need for reading glasses, etc. The procedures themselves were remarkably simple; I hope they work well for you!

    And I love the heron/shadow photo. When I was learning how to spot dragonflies and such, a friend told me, “It’s easy. Just look for their shadow.”

    • So glad to meet you virtually here. Thanks for coming over from Judy’s blog. – her photos of birds are always excellent. And I love your tip about looking for the Dragonfly’s shadow. Very clever. Also thanks for your insights about eyes and lenses. My left eye is pretty shot unrelated to cataracts and it is the right one that has the best hope for repair. So I won’t be able to do one for distance vision and one for near but that is a great technique and I’m happy it worked for you. And I’m also looking forward to seeing what colors really look like! Thanks again. Best, Babsje

  6. Lovely choices Babsje – loved the shadow of the heron. I hadn’t seen one like that before. Kind of ominous!

    • Hi Tina. Thanks for letting me know you like the Heron shadow photo. It does seem a little ominous now that you mention it. I was surprised the photo came out at all! Best, Babsje

  7. great post for the theme and thanks for the reindeer to support the arts!
    oh and the heron shadow did not feel ominous to me – instead, I felt a ballerina pose – it felt graceful and yet filled with strength in perhaps a side stretched pose – love the curve and movement felt in that still shot – well done and so unique

  8. What a great capture, Babsje! It’s poetry in motion!

  9. Congratulations! I have selected your post to be featured on CFFC.
    I sure hope you have a terrific week.

  10. Schitterende fotografie

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