Beautiful Great Blue Herons at Waterfalls

Wherein the Great Blue Heron Sticks his Landing - babsjeheron © Babsje (

Wherein the Great Blue Heron Sticks his Landing – babsjeheron

Great Blue Heron fishing in water falling over a dam in the Charles River Watershed - babsjeheron   © Babsje (

Great Blue Heron fishing in a Charles River Watershed dam – babsjeheron

Most of the time, the Great Blue Heron could be seen actively fishing at the base of the falls shown in photo above, retrieving fish unlucky enough to have been swept over. And sometimes, some very special times, the Heron would stand atop the dam, with the water rushing over his feet and stare off into the distance at the colors of the setting sun.

Great Blue Heron at our Waterfall - babsjeheron   © Babsje (

Great Blue Heron at our Waterfall – babsjeheron

It is very easy to become absorbed – too absorbed – by the scene unfolding through the lens. That day of the above photo, I was so engrossed with following the Great Blue Heron through my lens that I nearly stepped over the edge into clear air. Every couple of years, we read news stories of people falling off cliffs or going into waterfalls while taking photos. I learned how easily that can happen. One more step, and I would have been in the water below the falls.

Double exposure of a Great Blue Heron looking in the same direction fishing in the waterfall - babsjeheron    © Babsje (

Double exposure of Herons facing the same direction at the waterfall – babsjeheron

To love is not to look at one another: it is to look, together, in the same direction.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Wind, Sand, and Stars

Great Blue Heron and waterfall. You can't step in the same waters twice - babsjeheron    © Babsje (

Great Blue Heron and waterfall. You can’t step in the same waters twice – babsjeheron

What a difference a year can make in the same waterfall. Normal years, top, and drought, bottom.




This post is prompted by Cee Neuner, Debbie Smyth, Jez Braithwaite and the creative and inspiring Lens Artists Tina, Amy, Patti, and Leya, all of whom encourage the community of photographers and writers.

The focus for this week’s LAPC is The Ordinary. This week, the Lens Artists have invited blogger I.J. Khanewala here as guest host. Welcome I.J.!

All of the photos today were ordinary days fishing with my camera for Great Blue Herons that were fishing at local waterfalls. Of course, my sense of the ordinary may be different than yours.

Please click the links below to see the beautiful offerings from these wonderful photographers.

Thanks to Cee for her CFFC: Straight Lines. The lines of water falling came straight down.
Thanks to Debbie for her Six Word Saturday. The title is the requisite six words long.

Thanks to Jez for the Water Water Everywhere Challenge. This post has quite a bit of water.
From I.J. Lens Artists Weekly Photo Challenge 169: The Ordinary .
From Patti Lens Artists Weekly Photo Challenge 169: The Ordinary .

From Tina Lens Artists Weekly Photo Challenge 169: The Ordinary .

From Amy Lens Artists Weekly Photo Challenge 169: The Ordinary .

From Leya Lens Artists Weekly Photo Challenge 169: The Ordinary .



Folks, now that some areas are opening back up, please consider supporting your local Arts communities – whether music, theater, crafts, visual arts venues, and others. All have been impacted over the past year and a half and they need your love more than ever.

Art in the Park 2021

Art in the Park 2021.


Tomorrow, Sunday October 17th, Shaw Park in South Natick comes alive with Art in the Park. There will be over 2 dozen local artists enjoying the fresh air and offering their art for your enjoyment. Stop in between 10am and 3pm ET for a gorgeous Autumn day of art and music. (I am recovering from eye surgery and will not be showing this year, but hope to see you next October!)


My brick & mortar presence in Massachusetts dates back to 2009 in several local venues/galleries.

TCAN – The Center for Arts Natick
Natick Town Hall
Five Crows Gallery in Natick
Audubon Sanctuary

Be a fly on the wall! You can CLICK HERE to see the gallery walls with Herons .


Remember: Walk softly and carry a long lens.™

May the Muse be with you.™

The Tao of Feathers™

© 2003-2021 Babsje. (

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  1. They seem to live in the moment! Know that they do.

    Antoine de Saint-Exupery has so many memorable quotes 🙂

    • Many thanks, Patricia. You are so right. Living in the moment is their way of being. There is only now. And yes, such wonderful quotes from The Little Prince and his other works. I’m glad you like this one. Best, Babsje

  2. Yikes Babsje, that would NOT be a good thing! Take care out there!!

  3. Wonderful post, Babsje 👏 & to have such an ordinary is fantastic 😀 I’ve seen several Heron in flight, & whilst graceful in the air, look a bit awkward coming into land. Love the double exposure shot 😃

    • Many thanks for your kind words, Jez. Yes, the Herons are so graceful in flight and landing can be dicey for such a large bird if the winds aren’t just right. Best, Babsje

  4. Great photos of the GBH and the dam.

    • Thanks very much for your kind compliment. I’m glad you like this post. I wish the still photos could convey the lovely soothing sound of the waterfalls. It is almost magical. Best, Babsje

  5. this weir must freeze over in the winter? Any shots?
    “One step too far” was what you almost discovered Babsje!

  6. Gorgeous photos, as always 😀 😀

  7. Glad that you didn’t take that one more step! I’ve fallen a few times in water but those were brooks. A waterfall fall would be much worse.

  8. Lovely shots, Babsje!

  9. Tremendous photos! Soul inspiring ones along the waterful.

    • Hi Anne. Many thanks for your thoughtful comment. I’m pleased that you like the photos of Herons at the waterfalls. In a way, fishing for dinner that has been swept over the falls is like the proverbial shooting fish in a barrel. Best, Babsje

  10. Oh, Babsje, these are fantastic shots… well, as always! Happy Sunday! xoxo

  11. Amazing photos – I had no idea Great Blue Herons were so brave and determined.

  12. Beautiful waterfall and herons, Babsje. I’m so glad you didn’t join them. That is something that is surprisingly easy to do because the lens draws you forward!

    • Hi Jane. Thanks so much for your kind compliment and observation. You’re right – the lens does draw us deeper into the scene and it is so easy to simply not see anything in the periphery . I’m sure you have your own close call stories! Best, Babsje

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