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Slide show featuring some selections from one-woman photography shows 2009 through 2020. I hope you enjoy being a fly on the wall with me.


Great blue heron in the cove, foraging.

Great Blue Heron foraging amongst water lilies in the cove – babsjeheron.

My first paying photography gig was hanging a Diane Arbus exhibit, for minimum wage. I was at university taking a course in graphic design then, and I was thrilled by the exposure to her work first-hand. The job was a nail-biter though and my boss Leo sternly exhorted us “Whatever you do, don’t cut yourself!” All of the photographs were originals, not reproductions. They were mounted in floating glass frames, the kind with only glass, no wood or metal around the borders. The glass edges were not beveled and were extremely sharp – there was a high risk of getting cut and bleeding on the art that could have ruined her work. It was intense but so rewarding, and no blood was shed that show..

Fast forward to a few years ago. The photo in this post was one of the cornerstone pieces in a one-woman show I had. As you can see, there’s no evidence of Arbus’ influence in that photo.


The day of my artist reception, I spent some time sitting outside on a bench before going inside to meet & greet gallery visitors. I sat there under the trees, composing myself and enjoying the dappled sunlight when I felt it.


A present from an overhead bird landed on my shoulder, anointing me with sacred bird poo, an ironic baptism for a bird photographer.

I think Arbus would have appreciated the irony.

(There are those who consider getting pooped on by a bird to be good luck…)

And what bird photographer worth her salt hasn’t been anointed by poo?

Remember: Walk softly and carry a long lens.™

May the Muse be with you.™

The Tao of Feathers™

© 2003-2021 Babsje. (

  1. Curt Schwaderer

    Wow! What an incredibly smashing set of photographs! They make me feel like I’m looking out the window of a nature scene instead of a picture. Really breathtaking!

    • Hi Curt! Many thanks for your generous compliment! I’m so glad you felt a sense of real Nature via th Heron photos. Thank you for making a visit to the virtual gallery!

  2. the floating glass had not ben properly prepared? Floating glass always has the edges smoothened. Trying to do a job like that without the proper glass was most certainly dangerous!
    Also,I do not understand what he meant about the pictures being originals? All photographs are copies?

    • Hi Wayne. Thanks for your good observation and questions. The Arbus show took place in an era when US minimum wage was around $1.20 an hour, many years ago. The glass for that show did not have any  smoothed edges – it was very sharp. I don’t know what options they had available at the time, maybe they were doing things on the cheap. By “original” photos I mean that the photos were printed in the darkroom directly by the artist, herself, on papee one at a time. They were not digital copies or mass-produced. They came straight from her film negatives.. Sorry if my word choices were unclear and I caused a bit of confusion. Best, Babsje

  3. Loved the slide show of your exhibit. Not quite as good as being there, but I’ll take it! 😏
    Anointed by bird poo… closest I’ve had was a splash of purple on the windshield. The bird must have had too many purple berries of some sort. I did enjoy someone behaving badly getting a squishy squirt one time… a blessing of a different sort? 🤣
    Kids who are tuned into nature are a gift to all those around them. They remind us of that sense of awe we adults seem to lose in time.

    • Many thanks for your lovely comments Gunta. Brought back find memories of a wonderful song “Can I have some of your purple berries? “Yes, they’ve been keeping me alive for t or 7 weeks now, Haven’t got sick once.” “Probably keep us both alive.” Wooden Ships. Jefferson airplane and Crosby Stills and Nash. I liked what you say about children remembering Nature. Apologies for typos – eye surgery is next week. Not a moment too soon. Best, Babsje

      • Oh! Wishing you all the very best with the eye surgery. Hope to hear it went really well. I’m still dithering about what to do… choices are pretty limited here in the outback unfortunately. 😒
        Off to pull up some Jefferson Airplane and CSandN….

  4. Your work is excellent and still smiling about the poo that often comes with certain adventures and work!

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