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Warm-hearted Orbs that Rule the Night

Warm-hearted orbs that rule the night
Remove the colors from our sight
Red is grey and yellow bright
But we determine which is right
And which is an illusion.

With apologies to the Moody Blues

Fireflies glimmering after dark on a summer's night.

What’s that glimmering after dark on a summer’s night?

WordPress challenged us this week to share something with a mysterious, otherworldly vibe. While definitely not art, taking this photo was great fun for my inner child and a great challenge for my adult photographer self.

Did you guess the answer posed in the caption underneath the photo? What are those mysterious amber spots at top left? The otherworldly yellowish crcles blurred in the foreground? The vivid yellow dots suspended mid-frame?

If you guessed fireflies, you win.

Growing up, we always had swarms of fireflies each summer. It had been decades, though, since I had seen them last, when suddenly one summer, there they were – twinkling in the woods separating highway from reservoir.

My heart skipped a beat, and my inner child skipped in joy.

As a child, we captured them in mason jars and watched them twinkle, before releasing them.

As an adult, I captured them on film – using real film and an old Konica on a tripod, standing in the breakdown lane of Route 9, scooting out of the way whenever a car rounded the bend.

The things we do in search of the mysterious.


Thanks to Cheri Lucas Rowlands and WordPress for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

Thanks to The Dragonfly Woman for her post Fireflies on the Prairie.

Also, thanks to the kind folks at NaBloPoMo for the National Blog Posting Month challenge this November.


Remember: Walk softly and carry a long lens.

(This took place June, 2004)

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